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Newquay Zoo

Newquay zoo is tha popular and fun day out for tourists and locals. The zoo has an impressive selection of creatures including some of the worlds most endangered animals housed in its gardens.

My favourite animals at the zoo are the otters and penguins which bother have their own pool areas.The Asian short clawed otters can be seen in the oriental garden. The Humbold Penguins are always there waddling around and plunging into the water. You can also see them being fed if you make you way over at the right time.

There are lots of other amazing species from the lions in the African Savannah area to the funny little meercats, the Hoffman two toed sloth that lives in the tropical house. For children, there is a village farm with lots of familar animals from pygmy goats to pot bellied pigs along with rabbits and ducks. There is also a tarzan trail to get them active and the ever popular gift shop to visit on the way out.

Of course, more importantly than its purpose as a tourist attraction, Newquay Zoo has a very important mission of conservation of species and habitats. The money that you send at the zoo not only be ensuring the welfare of the animals that live their but also playing its part in the worldwide conservation of these species. The zoo is owned by the Wild Planet Trust a conservation charity that strives to conserve local and global habitats and species, engage and educate people in conservation of the natural world and campaign for wildlife, The zoo has plenty of information displayed to find out more about the different animals and there are usually some talks at various different exhibits.

There are both open air and undercover areas to enjoy your own picnics at the zoo and there is also Cafe Lemur and the Lazy Lion grill serving snacks, coffees, lunches and icecreams. We could easily spend the whole day at the zoo but if you are finished early, Trenance Gardens also has a park, cafe and mini railway and mini golf with the leisure centre, trampolining and Concrete Waves skate park nearby.

Website: https://www.newquayzoo.org.uk/

Instagram: Newquayzoo

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