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Brunch at Box & Barber

Updated: May 8, 2021

Box & Barber have just moved to a new location a few doors down in Fore Street. We stopped by to grab some take out brunch to enjoy whilst taking in the views of Newquay bay.

Box & Barber is a lovely independent cafe in Newquay serving up breakfasts, bruches and lunches along with coffee, smoothies and cakes. They have great selection of healthy, vegetarian and vegan options including organic avo on toast with hemp seeds and lime, acai bowl with granola, bananas, strawberry and passion fruit and budha bowls packed with healthy grains, beans and vegetables.

We tried the breakfast burritos which were warm and delicious with plenty of flavour, filled with potato and chive hash, scrambled egg, avocado, beans, red pepper and salso. We also had freshly made smoothies of blended acai, banana and coco and orange juice, tumeric, ginger and mango, All in all it was pretty good!

There will be inside seating available or outdoor benches or you can take out like we did and find yourself a beautiful spot nearby looking over the sea to enjoy.

Instagram: box_and_barber

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